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One must discover the yarn amidst the thorns.

Luca Brazi Style

     We knitters are always mildly surprised and grateful that they continue to let us fly with our needles.  I'm sure TSA has many good reasons.  For example, they understand that we are addicts and would go through withdrawals if we became separated from our knitting.  We would make the other airline passengers miserable if we weren't allowed to knit.  Statistically it is rare for knitters to use their needles to hijack airplanes.  There may even be knitters in high places that are protecting our needles.  On face value TSA has made a sensible decision.

     Psst . . .(Hopefully, Homeland Security is not reading this blog, because I'm about to blow our cover.  The NSA listens right?  They don't actually read, do they?  Shhhh, knitters, this is our little secret . . .  they underestimate us.  They see us as delicate, innocent women, decidedly low on testosterone, and devoid of aggressive urges.  In reality, we have our dark side.  Even knitters sometimes contemplate murder.  But idle hands are the devil's workshop.  We calm ourselves down by picking up our knitting and then all is again tranquil and safe.  Occasionally the sedative called knitting is ineffective.  That's when we realize that our #2, 36 inch Addi would be perfect for garroting someone Luca Brazi style.  The well varnished tip of #9 straight Knit Pick hammered up a nostril would land solidly in someone's frontal lobe.  Two #4, 6 inch double points, on in each fist . . . well, you can complete the image.  How can they let us on a plane armed to the teeth with knitting needles?)

     (Oh wait.  I get it!  They know we use our powers for the good.  They are counting on us.  We knitters are the secret weapon of Homeland Security.  If things get out of hand, say if terrorists try to take the plane, TSA has confidence that we knitters will save the day.  We certainly have surprise on our side.  Not only do they let us on the plane with our needles, they probably dole us out.  Like dealing cards.  They make sure a few of us knitters are on every flight.  Shhhh . . .let's not let on that we know.)



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