A good yarn . . .



One must discover the yarn amidst the thorns.

Mod Podge

     Here in Lovely Downtown Chugiak there is two inches of snow; but the sun is shining so there is hope for spring.  It's always good to know there is still Hope (www.hopealaska).  Yesterday I put new bases on the heads I use to display my hats.  I use white styrofoam heads and solid round pieces of styrofoam for the bases.  I cut a hole out of the base and the head is glued in place.  I use Mod Podge and colored tissue paper to colorfy the heads.  It's fun to concoct tissue/Mod Podge earings for the heads.  The empty heads are light and durable.  Because sometimes heads go rolling during a show - just in the fun and excitement of trying on hats - it's good to know that no damage will be done.  

THE ROBINS HAVE JUST NOW ARRIVED!  There they are. I can see them through my window right now.  How cool is that!  Melt - snow - melt. 

     Do you suspect that you or someone you know is a "Hippy Chick"?  Here's a test.  You know you are a Classic Hippy Chick when your Mod Podge is juicy and ready to go.


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