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Must - Stop - Counting - the - Hats

     Holy Cow.  It’s already October.  Countdown.  Seven weeks to my first show, which is the weekend before Thanksgiving, November 23 & 24.  This is my first time for Christmas Arts & Crafts Emporium, hosted by Anchorage Markets.  Check it out www.anchoragemarkets.com.  It’s in the Dena’ina Center.  I’m thinking my garden art will do well in that show.  And hats, of course, always hats.      Eight weeks to my second show, the following weekend is the museum www.anchoragemuseum.org.  It is  juried  and I have been fortunate to be selected for the past ten years or so.  It’s unthinkable to enter the museum show with less than sixty hats.  The museum setting is exquisite.  When my friends stop by, I’ll ask them to watch over my hats so that I can use the rest room.  I’ll get to the bathroom the long way – via Sidney Lawrence.   I’ll return, slowly, past the Bradford Washburn black and whites.      Nine weeks to the UAA Crafts Fair.  I’m developing a new line for that show.   www.uaa.alaska.edu/studentunionandcommuterstudentservices/studentunion/crafts-fair.cfm.  The last few years my knit’n’felt hats have not done well there, in part because after the museum the hats have been picked over.  Also, many of the same shoppers go to both shows; so they may have already bought a hat at the museum.  The prices of the felted hats may be higher than UAA shoppers have in mind for Holiday shopping.  I call my new line “Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes”.  Because, guess what?  Mama needs a new pair of shoes - and winter boots - and brown leather riding boots – and – and -and.  So, I bought a ton of Sulka  alpaca from Peru; it is to die for.  I’ve developed a series of patterns for matching hat, cowl, fingerless gloves and boot toppers.  I’ll sell them individually and as sets.  I’m stoked.  This is so much fun.  I may write up the patterns and sell them at “The Shop” as well.     I’d like to go into the holiday show season with eighty knit’n’felt hats.  My quota is six hats a week.  No knitting on Sundays; I need to avoid overuse injuries.  I have a problem.  I can’t stop counting the hats.  How many do I have?  How many left to make?  How long to make them?  Am I falling behind my quota?  I think I’ve solved the problem of continually recounting hats.  I’ve placed a sheet of paper on a clip board -  very official looking.  I set it on the ironing board directly in front of the hat display shelves.  Whenever I add more hats to my kingdom I record the date and the number of hats completed.  Then if I wonder how many there are – well all I have to do is go look on my ironing board clip board. I call myself a “compulsive overknitter” and I come by that honorarium honestly.        By the way, in case you were wondering, today is 10-5-13 and I have 44 hats. 

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