A good yarn . . .



One must discover the yarn amidst the thorns.

One Week To Go

     This week's list includes the many odds and ends items that are needed in preparation for my fist show:

  • get bank
  • check function of PayPal
  • get new receipt book
  • spray hats with water and turn on fans
  • check tags, replace if needed
  • make business cards
  • iron table cloths
  • check function of PayPal
  • wash mirrors
  • spot paint displays
  • check heads
  • gather tissue and bags
  • find green book
  • dry clean my black sweater
  • label and embellish remaining hats
  • finish fish-bubble garden art
  • design tags for fish-bubbles
  • buy snow shovels
  • make snow shovel winter garden pieces
  • design labels for winter garden art, including installation instructions
  • make a drive by and figure out parking for set up
  • schedule time on Friday for set up
  • find the extension cord to plug in the core heater, it's getting cold outside 
  • grocery shop - bananas, nuts, coconut water, peanut butter sandwiches
  • autograph books
  • find egg basket for books
  • oh yes, and lose 5 pounds for good measure



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