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One must discover the yarn amidst the thorns.

Round Tortoise

    The sun is shining for the second day in a row in Lovely Downtown Chugiak. The snow is disappearing.  The Robins must be so pleased.  My heads and hats are staged and ready to go for the ABG show this weekend.  (See the photos in "HATS FOR SALE!" section.)  Felted salmon are drying in the wind of a fan in the guest bedroom.  I'm planning on trying my hand at garden art.





     My mother’s father’s father, Johann came over from Prussia. He played several musical instruments and possessed a college education – very unusual for a Minnesota farmer in those days.  My mother told me once that each year her grandfather would make a trip to Chicago.  I think she added “in the fall.”  I suppose, being a sensible man, he would at least wait until the harvest was in.  Imagine, back around the turn of the century, traveling all the way from St. Michael, Minnesota to Chicago, Illoinis.  I bet he took the train.  Did he catch it in Albertville, maybe?  Or hitch a ride all the way to The Cities and begin his train ride there?  We’ll never know.  Although I never met Johann from Prussia, I can see him in flesh and blood whenever I look at my parent’s wedding pictures.  On that day he was spare; although already old, he was still leaning in toward life.  He sported a long white beard among the clean shaven.  His glasses were round tortoise, circa the 20’s.  I have his glasses. 

     I took Johann’s glasses along with my new prescription to the optician last week.  Good prognosis.  They are confident that the glasses can be recycled.  The optician who accepted this mission said that just last week when he traveled to San Francisco and Europe, he noticed several people wearing retro-round glasses.  How cool is that?  Maybe they’ll come back in style.  Maybe Johann’s glasses will be the first of a coming deluge of round 20’s style glasses that are right now making their way to Alaska. If not - maybe I’ll be looking a bit odd – like Johann. 

     I spoke to my daughter, the thirty-something, Kate, this weekend.  I had already told her about her my intention to wear her great, great grandfather’s glasses.  Then I described my classic-hippy-chick blog idea.  Oh that Kate.  She’s a sharp one.  I’m so pleased with that about her.  She pointed out to me that only a hippy chick would think she could look good in round glasses.  She is so right!  I knew immediately how right-on she is.  My memory flashed back to the granny glasses of the 60’s – and John Lennon – who could forget how fine John Lennon looked.  For those of you who can only aspire to hippy chickdom – google “granny glasses 60’s.”  Out of sight! 


     Bottom line is.  You know you are a Classic Hippy Chick when you think you can look good in round glasses.


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