Hats With Attitude

                                             By Judith Lindenfelser, C.O. (Compulsive Overknitter)

Judith Lindenfelser, C.O.



How to measure head size.

19 & 1/2 - 21 & 1/2 = Small
22 - 23 = Medium

23 & 1/2 - 24 & 1/2 = Large

    Head sizes vary from pin-head (The Hat Lady) to pumpkin head (you know who you are).  The size of the hat is indicated in the description of each hat.  It is important to order the correct size.

      "Hats with Attitude" can be made to fit any head size.  If you have an outlier head, you might want to consider having a hat custom made. 


Fanny - burgundy - medium
Lillian Gish, blue, small
What does not belong ?
Betty Boop black, medium
Eleanor, burgundy, size medium
Eleanor, burgundy with beads, small
Clara Bow, green, size medium
Fay Wray, teal size medium
Scarlett, black size large.

Eleanor is a rolled brimmed hat.  The body is knitted in Forest-Floor brown.  The edge of the brim and flower are crocheted from off-white silk strung with clear glass beads.  The color in the photo is whiter than the actual cream/off white shade. 


Size is medium.

Price is $80.00

Talkeetna Char, black, small
Clara Bow, red medium
Scarlett, burgundy, medium.
Dale Evans is a large sized, black cowboy hat.
Eleanor, brown, medium.
Fatima's Dreads, blonde
A group of hats are waiting beside the washer for their turn in the drink. They are waiting quietly - hats with a patient attitude.  Then there's the group leaning into the big wind of the fan, trying to get themselves dried out.  They're grousing and complaining - hats with a bad attitude.  It's the mob on the dining room table that worries me.   They are waiting to be labeled and embellished.  At night when they think I'm asleep, they mull around; it's hard to make out what they're mumbling.  But I think I've heard the word "lynch".  That mob of hats has a bad attitude. 
More hats are on their way.

Highlights from Holiday Shows.

Garden Art
Buttercup finds a cozy spot.

These are the heads that I make to display my hats.  They are getting ready for the Anchorage Botanical Garden Plant Show on Saturday, May 25th.  Their fresh glue and Mod Podge are drying.  Today's backdrop for the photoshoot is the greenhouse.  Although there is now two inches of snow in the garden these "starts" are ready for action.  Unfortunatly, they will have to wait three weeks past normal planting time to sink their roots into Lovely Downtown Chugiak dirt.  The photos of the new hats are taken in the greenhouse.

Hats across the seasons in Lovely Downtown Chugiak, Alaska.

Fanny is a cloche - a bell shaped hat.  The bottom of the brim flares out away from the face.  The body of the hat is knitted in Rose brier-burgundy.  The bottom of the brim and flower are crocheted from silk yarn wich has been recylced from saris. 


Size = medium

Cost = $75.00

Betty Boop

Betty Boop is a bob-hat. The bottom of the brim reaches below the ear for added warmth.  The body of the hat is knitted in Lichen-Black.  There are two rows of black fun-fur trim.  Crystal beads, strung on  black cotton, are crocheted into the trim and dangle down around the bottom of the hat.


Size = medium

Cost = $65.00

 Lillian Gish

   Lillian Gish is a bob-hat.  The bottom of the brim reaches below the ear for warmth.  The body of the hat is Moss-Green.  The flower is knitted intarsia style in Fireweed- Fushia.   The foo-foo yarn is Maligrigo silky merino.


Size = Small

Cost = $65.00


Eleanor is a rolled brimmed hat.  The main color is burgundy.  The edge of the brim is worked in hand dyed wool with reds, greens and rusts. The flower is crocheted from the same yarn.



Eleanor, burgundy with white beads.  Size medium.



Cost = $85.00.



Clara Bow

The main color of this bob hat is green with gold fibers.  The stripes around the base of the crown include gold, purple and bugundy.  Tucked withing the stripes are a row of gold glass beads.  The beads are knitted into the have bofore felting.


Green Clara Bow is medium size.


Cost = $50.00

Fay Wray

This bob hat flares slightly at the bottom of the brim.  the body of the hat is black. The foo foo yarn that creates the giant fluffy flower is multi-colored black, brown, dark blue and even some gold metalic shine. 


Large sized black Fay Wray.


Cost = $75.


Scarlett has a fedora crown.  The brim is rolled in back and flat in front.  Black silk yarn with embedded clear glass beads is used at the edge of the brim and asymmetrically up the side of the crown.  And yes, Annie Hall would wear this hat pulled down to her eyebrows.

Size is large.


Cost = $80.00

Clara Bow (CB-2)

Clara Bow is a bob-hat.  The main color is Rosebriar Burgundy.  The base of the crown is knitted with shades of red, pink, purple and a dash of green.  Red glass beads are knitted into the crown. 



Size is medium.

Cost is $55.00

Dale Evans (DE-1)
Dale Evans is a cowboy hat.  The main color is knitted from Lichen-Black.  There is a round of foo foo yarn crocheted along the edge of the brim.  A matching crocheted flower is added to one side. The foo foo yarn is angora rabbit and sooo soft.  The color is hot-pink.
Size is large.
Cost is $80.00
Talkeetna Char (TC-1)

Talkeetna Char is a dreadlock hat.  The dreads are Lichen-Black.  They are 1/4 inches wide and 6 inches long - measured from the base of the pony tail.  Each dread is trimmed with a red-orange glass bead.

Size is small.

Cost is $90.00.


This bundle of dreads meant to be used as a "fall" (60's phrase, if you do not rec ognize it - ask your grandmother).  The bundle is made up of 15 dreads and 5 strands of foo-foo yarn.  The bottoms of the dreads are embellished with light brown, mottled wooden beads.  Dreads and foo foo yarn are shades of "blonde".  A crocheted alpaca, pale yellow flower is included.  In this photo the dreads are folded in half and draped over the head. Individual dreads are about 3 feet long.  For an image of how to use the dreads as hair extensions, I have included a photo of my sister's dance caravan.  They look amazing in their dreads.


Price $50.00

Basic Cable Pattern includes cowl, boot cuff, hat and mitt.  Cost = $5.00 + $1.00 mailing.


Contact The Hat Lady by phone (907-688-0493) or email (jml@mtaonline.net).  Information needed to custom order a hat includes:

1. style,

2. main color, and if applicable, preferences for any blending/contrasting yarn colors, choices of foo foo yarn, beads, feathers, buttons

3. head size.